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Why Luscious?

Our products are crafted with cutting-edge technology to deliver hair that's healthier, stronger, and shinier—every time. Style and sustainability are non-negotiable for us. We're dedicated to a greener future through our LUSCIOUS PLEDGES, encompassing carbon-neutral deliveries and pioneering the industry's first hair tool recycling initiative.

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If you have a blog or website in which you would like to feature Luscious Hair & Beauty, please apply to our affiliate programme today. We will supply you with everything you might need to promote us effectively (from creative banners to product listings). By becoming an affiliate, when a purchase is made via your affiliate link, you will then receive a commission for every completed order which is made.


Amy Christophers, though not a Liverpudlian herself, has embraced the city's blow-dry culture with flair. Known for her daring leap into marriage on "Married at First Sight," Amy is more than just a risk-taker in love. A football aficionado, she channels her passion into dynamic sports presenting, seamlessly transitioning from her earlier days as a model. Our inaugural ambassador, Amy radiates a magnetic allure, a perfect embodiment of the lusciousness that defines our brand. Her journey, from modeling to sports, showcases a unique blend of sophistication and sports fervor, making her an ideal representative. Amy is also a shareholder of Luscious. 

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